Friday, 15 June 2012

I haven't abandoned my blog. Just so we're clear.

Have you heard the good news?! Derek Landy is coming to Adelaide, Australia! I will finally get to meet my author idol,and get him to sign stuff for me! Derek told me (he actually spoke to me!) that he would sign anything unless the event was too busy, but I'm not sure if that will be a problem in Adelaide, as I've only met one Adelaidians who comments on Derek's blog, and there are only a handful of people I know who have even read one of the books (and only two I've told about the tour, I'm so evil), but hey, it's a wide world, no matter what the people who like to recite popular sayings tell you. For all I know, every second person is a Skulduggery Pleasant fanatic and the place is going to be PACKED. Wherever that place might be...

I was thinking of bringing Mortal Coil for Derek to sign, as it is my favourite book in the series, but I might also bring Death Bringer, since it's the only Skulduggery book I 'own' (but really, what is this 'owning' thing? We should all learn to share. Plus, those books are rightfully MINE. My younger brother hasn't even read Mortal Coil, so how can he claim it as his own? It's mine. MINE! *outrageous cackling*), but what else to bring? Maybe a t shirt? I was thinking of that, but what about when I grow out of it? I can no longer show off. I don't have any notebooks that are mine alone, so that's out. Maybe a... A pair of socks? (clean socks, of course, don't be so immature) I mean, of someone is about to get a kick in the face from me, for whatever reason, I think it would be much more effective if the last thing they see before stars is Derek Landy's signature. Like, "HA HA! Derek signed my socks! IN YOUR FACE! LITERALLY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

  But I don't know. What do you think I should bring?

It would be great to meet Derek at last, he's responded to my questions, said hi to me a couple of times, and I read his blog posts, and he really is as funny and amazing and interesting as his books are. I truly admire him as an author and as a person, and I really want to meet him. Because frankly, I AM SO OBSESSED WITH SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT AND MEETING THE AUTHOR WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

There. I realise I haven't been posting an awful lot, do I'm going to just blog about everything that happens. :)

I wonder if I'll actually be able to keep that up...

I'm such an angel,