Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ev'rybody loves Druciiiiiilla

Yeah, here's some food for your brain. Read this.

When I walked into the ice cave, the girl seemed too preoccupied with the water dripping steadily from the ceiling of the cave to notice me. Or the cold. She wasn't all wrapped up like I was. A sleeveless top and shorts, both a faint pastel green. Not one shiver down her spine, not one goosebump on her pale skin. Her grey eyes darted up and down, as swift as the water droplets she was examining. If what I'd heard was true, her enhanced eyesight was sharp enough to enable her to see every little colour that bounced off that little water droplet that fell to the floor in less than a second... Amazing. I could see why my boss asked specifically for this girl, this Drucilla Nox, with her beyond exceptional eyesight and her...astonishing ability to ignore me...
I stood there, unsure of what to do. I decided to sit down next to her, maybe she'd take notice of me then, but as soon as I sat, I knew there was a good chance I'd freeze myself to the ice floor. I gasped with the shock of the cold, but managed to keep myself on the ground. If she could stand this, I could.
I tried to keep my mind off the cold by watching the water droplets, like Drucilla was doing, but all I could see was a speck of liquid falling in and out of sight. I turned my head to look at how she was doing it. Her clever eyes were following the droplets all the way down to the floor.
"Is it like slow motion for you?" I asked her.
"Almost," was all she said. So she wasn't ignoring me after all. I was suddenly extremely thirsty.
"Uh..." I started to speak, until I realised I didn't know what to say to this girl. I'd only just met her, but already I knew she was a difficult person to talk to.
My eyes flickered toward her, and I felt an overwhelming urge to move away from her. She was looking at me with wide, emotionless eyes, her expression devoid of feeling. She was just staring at me, not fascinated, not expecting, not scared, not anything. She was just staring at me.
And it was really starting to creep me out.
I stood up, stepped back, cleared my throat. "Erm. I'm Roch River and...my boss wants to hire you... Hire you for...for an expedition. To find these valuable...gems. Minerals. I don't know, but he thinks you can help him -   US - find them." My boss hadn't told me much.
I waited for a response. 
Drucilla remained silent.
Time passed, until she got bored, maybe, and started watching her own breath form icy clouds in the air. I wasn't angry. I couldn't be. This girl was in an ice cave, for heaven's sake. She couldn't be fully aware of what I was saying, she was... Drucilla Nox. The girl that my boss wanted on his team, the girl I was sent to retrieve. Not even that I could do. But  I could at least try one more time and THEN give up.
"Do you accept?" Hopefully I actually said that, not just thought it.
Drucilla once again fixed her wide grey eyes on me and gave a simple,
"Yes, okay then."

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