Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I'm just going to be throwing chunks of writing at you, okay? Also, Spiderman rocks.

This was supposed to be a story for a writing competition, but I've barely started it and I'm not going to finish it in a month, or at all. So here you go.

 *throws chunk of writing at screen*   

She was standing on a cliff. The sea was crashing violently beneath her. Kerilyn guessed she should have heard it above all else, but she was too fixated on the powerful energy emanating from the massive moon in the dark night sky ahead. It was a sphere of mesmerising white light and beauty, so captivating and magnetic that Kerilyn almost felt herself being pulled towards it. 
 "It's pretty, isn't it?" she said. She was speaking to no one in particular, as she was alone, but was in no way surprised when a voice answered her.
 "It is." 
Those two words, the most simple reply that could possibly be uttered, it would mean nothing but the vague notion that one is being agreed with, to anyone who wasn't Kerilyn. But when Kerilyn heard that voice, that voice that was a rare and lovely gift, she was overwhelmed with adoration and love. He was an unreadable mind, too unique to see through, but that didn't change anything. Kerilyn wouldn't settle for any life other than one with him. Now HE was the magnet. Now she was being pulled toward HIM. Her heart was almost his, she was a second away from giving it to him.  
But then his fingers grew claws, and he tore her heart from her body.

 And you've probably heard way too much about Spiderman or Andrew Garfield from me, but I am really obsessed with Spidey right now. The older AND newer version. Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can.... :)