Monday, 20 February 2012

Nix and Mist

I've never done this before, but instead of giving you a story, I'm telling you about one. It's not mine, it was, or rather, IS, written by Nixion Strange and Zathract Mist. The stories are called Nix and Mist, there are two of them, and they are about, you guessed it, Nix and Mist. And other characters. Including my characters, Mahogany Reen and Drucilla Nox! With my characters in it, it is undoubtedly brilliant. No, seriously, it's really awesome. You HAVE to read it. Because if you don't...


  1. Because Nix would hit you if you didn't put it up here.

    But then I would hit him.
    Very hard.
    Probably a bit too hard.
    But he'd most likely deserve it.

  2. Screw you Mist
    I'd pay you all my savings if you could hit me

  3. I *shrugs* I have more money than you anyway.

  4. HA
    One, you just practilly admited you couldn't hit me
    two, monopoly money does NOT count

  5. LOL at all these comments. Mist, you don't get a disease this time, because I don't think there's such thing as lice chicken pox...;)


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